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The Fremont County Prevention Program, in partnership with Fremont County Prevention Partnership and Fremont County Suicide Prevention Task Force, encourages youth and adults to embrace community wellness through education, policy development, collaboration, and changing behaviors associated with the misuse of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and suicide. Collaboration and resource sharing is a top priority, so come back frequently to view new and timely reports, resources, policy work and adoption and more in regards to our efforts and progress toward goals.

We welcome your input and feedback! If not already a coalition member or prevention partner, please reach out to express your interest or inquire.

Fremont Prevention Partnership
Fremont Suicide Prevention Taskforce
Fremont DUI Task Force
Our Mission is to enhance the wellbeing of Fremont County residents by preventing and reducing substance misuse and suicide, and assisting and empowering those affected by substance misuse and suicide.
To prevent and reduce suicide in Fremont County, and to assist and empower those affected by suicide.

  • Reduce and prevent alcohol related fatalities
  • Reduce incidents of crime with a nexus to drugs and alcohol
  • Reduce the measurable effects of alcohol and substance abuse in our community
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